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Future of Pinball

As pinball progresses, there is always the drive to innovate. There’s no way to know the true future of pinball, but there are some things that have been on our minds. Here are a few ideas of what we may be seeing in the future:

Bluetooth and Wireless Connectivity – We may be seeing pinball machines that have wireless or bluetooth connectivity. This would be very easy for manufacturers to incorporate already since most new machines already run on what is essentially a computer. This would make it easy to incorporate headphones or other peripherals. It would also allow connection to cellular phones for game based apps. Perhaps this can assist with troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Virtual Reality – The incorporation of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality can be another aspect of growth. Special layers within the machine can be used to project images. Something like this is already used in Ghostbusters by Stern. Their Ecto Goggles projects targets during gameplay. Virtual Reality is still in its infancy, so it will be interesting to see how it progresses in pinball.

Online Gaming – If the future of pinball does include wireless or other digital connections, we may see the start of online gaming. Tournaments are a great part of pinball, but for people who are unable to travel, online tournaments would be a great way to create a huge tournament. Imagine playing on your physical pinball machine and playing against someone across the globe. Now imagine having online and camera integration, so you can see the face of your friend as they post their high score!

Multi layer playfield – Using multiple layers in a pinball machine is not new, but it can be used to even greater effect. Even games like Stern’s Aerosmith has an upper playfield and their AC/DC Luci has a lower playfield. Games in the future may start incorporating multiple playfields to make the games even more interesting.

While we may not be able to know the future of pinball, one thing’s for certain. It’s going to be fun!

High Quality Pinball Games at Great American Pinball
The one thing we love about pinball is the enjoyment we see on a young kids face when they play pinball for the first time. Everyone has a different story of how they got into pinball, but for us we grew up playing pinball in the 70’s. We can still remember that feeling of excitement as we played the first pinball game on our Captain Fantastic pinball machine and we enjoy helping others experience that exact same feeling. It’s like seeing the Wizard of Oz for the first time. Do you remember Dorothy surviving the tornado, throwing open her door to the vibrantly colored Munchkin Kingdom? Did you know there is a Wizard of Oz pinball machine?

The best way to share that pinball feeling is by helping new pinball enthusiasts enter the hobby by helping them select and purchase their first pinball machine. At Great American Pinball, we only sell the best pinball machines online. No video game could possibly match the joy and excitement of a great game of pinball.

Classic Pinball in Modern Machines
A high quality pinball machine takes many aspects into consideration. Some games like the Wizard of Oz really try to harken back to the good old days of pinball. Here are some aspects that make fantastic pinball games.

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