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Pinball Machines World was founded by the owner, Evan after spending years collecting pinball machines. As a child, Evan would go to the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach with his father to play pinball machines. By the late 90’s most arcades were closing so finding a pinball machine to play was very difficult. With no places left to play pinball, Evan began collecting machines to satisfy his passion for pinball. Pinball Machines world was started to make pinball ownership fun, easy and painless. We are pinball enthusiasts and take pride in delivering quality pinball machines to your home, office or business. We treat every client with exceptional service whether it is a first time purchase or an addition to a collection.

Buy Pinball Machines Online

Pinball Machines World sells, services and repairs pinball and coin operated arcade machines. Each day we do what we love and are experts in. We are a family run business and we provide a level of personal service and attention that no other pinball or Gameroom company can provide.
Since we started out as pinball collectors, we always seek the best examples of each game we sell. We have built a nationwide network of collectors and clients which allows us to find just about any pinball or arcade machine title.
Before leaving our shop all games go through a rigorous pre delivery inspection. They are serviced and test-played numerous times to make sure the machines function as designed. WE DO NOT DROP SHIP USED GAMES unlike some competitors as we always go through every pinball machine we sell.
​We are the only authorized distributor in the Greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, and San Diego for Stern Pinball Inc, Chicago Gaming Company, and American Pinball. We include local
in-home ground delivery and set-up with all new pinball machine purchases. No out of state distributor can provide this service as they will ship your machine on a semi-truck to be delivered in a box strapped to a pallet in your driveway.
​Pinball machines are complex and they will eventually require service and maintenance like an automobile. Once you buy one of our pinball machines, you become a part of Orange County Pinballs’ family. We will always be available to provide technical support via telephone, email, mobile technician or in-shop service. Most issues can be resolved immediately by telephone but we do have technicians across the country to support any machines we sell.
​From last minute gifts to planned special events and productions, we work very hard to meet your deadlines. Most machines advertised are ready for delivery
​Visit our 2500 sqft facility stocked full of the best pinball machines available for sale.

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